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LBET体育|苹果或将在3月推出iPhone 5se等三款新品

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LBET体育-Apple may have set a date for its next round of product announcements.据报,苹果公司有可能早已确认了下一轮的新品发布会。According to the tech blog 9to5Mac, the event is currently set for March 15, although the exact date could change and Apple has not confirmed any plans.根据美国科技博客9to5mac(该博客常常有关于苹果的近期爆料)称之为,目前该发布会日期订为3月15日。不过这个日期还没有最后确认,苹果方面也没证实此项计划。


Apple is widely expected to unveil a new, possibly smaller version of the iPhone, an updated iPad Air, and new software and band options for the Apple Watch.现在大家都在猜测苹果公司将不会公布一款新的、尺寸有可能更加小的苹果手机,以及新版本的iPad Air和享有新的系统、更加多表带自由选择的苹果手表。The media event would be Apples first since September, and much like the fall event, is planned to touch on three major product categories for the company, 9to5Mac reported.据9to5Mac报导称之为,这场发布会将是苹果公司自去年9月新品发布会后的首场发布会。

和传统的秋季发布会完全相同,这场发布会也将不会牵涉到到苹果公司的3大类产品。The anticipated iPhone model, reportedly dubbed the iPhone 5se, may mark a return to the 4-inch screen size last seen on the iPhone 5s, but with upgraded features like those in the iPhone 6s, such as an A9 chip, better cameras, support for taking animated Live Photos, and an NFC chip for Apple Pay.据报导,将要入围的苹果新机被命名为iPhone 5se,这款苹果手机将有可能用于4英寸大的屏幕。4英寸屏幕最后一次用于还是在iPhone 5s上,但是这款新手机仍不会留存iPhone 6s中用于的先进设备元素,比如A9芯片、更佳的摄像头,反对动态照片摄制以及苹果缴纳中的NFC芯片。


Apple is also expected to unveil a new iPad model: the Air 3. According to 9to5Mac, the new iPad will include a number of iPad Pro features such as improved speakers and a Smart Connector for connecting to a keyboard。此外,人们还在猜测苹果公司将不会公布一款新的iPad机型:iPad Air 3。根据9to5Mac的报导称之为,新的iPad将享有很多iPad Pro的元素,比如先进设备的扬声器,可反对外接键盘的智能相连口等等。





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