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LBET体育:It was only a matter of time before the Apple Watch inspired some far-out concept videLBET体育os for new Apple products the faithful would like to see. Strangely, the arrival of the companys first signature wearable has inspired the below bizarre take on an iPhone 7 that borrows the watchs novel dial, called the digital crown by Apple.据美国CNET4月21日消息,苹果手表(Apple Watch)唤起苹果新产品的设计启发,发售“苹果粉”们期望看到的回头在时代前端的概念视频。构建这样的目标,也只是时间的问题了。奇怪的是,苹果公司第一款独具特色的穿着设备的公布,给iPhone 7带给的设计启发却十分奇葩。

它延用了苹果手表的表冠,苹果将其称作“数码皇冠”(digital crown)。The iPhone concept from designer Antonio De Rosa, who has turned at least one of his flights of fancy into a real product, imagines a fully upgraded iPhone 7 that incorporates the dial from the Apple Watch, relocating Touch ID and the home button to the front of the dial.该iPhone设计概念来自于意大利设计师安东尼奥·De·罗萨(Antonio De Rosa),他曾经将自己的奇思妙想转化成为现实产品。罗萨设计的iPhone 7在功能上全面升级,融合苹果手表的表冠,将指纹识别(Touch ID)及主页按键调整至表冠的前方。The space once occupied by the home button is replaced by a smaller bezel and a new Sense Button that captures gestures and movements for more personalized control.主页按键的原本方位将由更加小的边框及新的“传感按钮”替代。

该按钮将捕猎手势动作和身体动作,获取更加个性化的掌控服务。It remains to be seen if the digital crown will compel or confuse Apple Watch owners as a new means of user input. And if it is a hit, would it make sense for Apple to bring it over to the iPhone? The Sense Button actually seems less likely as it would seem to come up against Apples chief directive of simplicity.但是,作为用户输出的新方式,数码皇冠能否俘虏苹果手表用户的心,还有待仔细观察。