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诺基亚推出概念机棱镜 五边形造型你喜欢吗?_LBET体育

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The advancement of mobile phone to smartphone is a notable development in the field of technology. Nevertheless, no one can forget the role played by Nokia that reigned the mobile phone market all over the world until the evolution of smartphones.从手机到智能手机的变革是科技领域的一个明显的发展。尽管如此,在智能手机演化之前,没有人能记得诺基亚在全球移动手机市场的意味著地位。The Nokia Android phone is eagerly awaited by many Nokia fans and the manufacturer is rumored to launch them by the end of this year. In the meantime, a weird concept phone has popped up online.诺基亚的粉丝们仍然在期望诺基亚安卓机,而制造商传言将在今年年末发售这一新款手机。

在此期间,网上倒是经常出现了一台怪异的概念手机。As per this concept, the Nokia Prism seems to be the weirdest concept phone that we would have seen so far. It is created a Russian designer, Vasili Sychev. Check out the weird concept from here.按照“概念”而言,诺基亚的这款“棱镜”手机或许是我们见过最古怪的概念手机。设计师是俄罗斯的瓦西里·瑟乔夫。


下面让我们一览这只概念手机到底有多怪异。Nokia Prism seems to be too big诺基亚棱镜看上去过于大了The Nokia Prism appears to be way too big to fit in your pocket. Take a look at the smartphones bizarre design. You might even think if there could be a phone like this.诺基亚的棱镜手机看上去过于大了,很难塞进口袋。

看一下这款手机的古怪设计,你可能会想要否真为有这样的手机呢?Doesnt look like a phone看上去不像手机The prism-shaped Nokia phone concept doesnt look like its meant to be a phone. It appears to be like a piece of art.棱镜状的诺基亚概念手机看上去不像个手机,应当是件艺术品。Sharp edges all over边缘锐利The Nokia Prism seems to have sharp and angular edges all over it. It might be quite uncomfortable for you to hold the phone.诺基亚棱镜手机边缘有很多锐利明晰的棱角,抵肩手感可能会很不难受。

Its flawless完美无瑕Of course, the Nokia Prism is flawless, but one thing to be noted is how many users will like a prism-shaped phone.当然,诺基亚棱镜手机看上去完美无瑕,但是必须留意的一点是,有多少人会讨厌这样棱镜状的手机。Its trapeze in shape几何形状The Nokia Prism is more trapeze and not rectangle like any other smartphone available in the market.诺基亚棱镜手机不像市场上其它智能手机一样是矩形的,而是五边形的。




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