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LBET体育_China’s antitrust investigation into Micrososft Corp. is focused on the same kind of software-bundling issues as those that caused the company problems in the west, international media reported Tuesday, citing a senior Chinese official.周二,国际媒体报道援引一位中国高级官员的话称之为,中国对微软公司的反垄断调查专心于软件绑问题,而此前微软公司也因某种程度的问题在西方遇到了困难。Reuters quoted Zhang Mao, head of an antitrust watchdog, as saying that his agency suspects the company of not being fully transparent with information about its Windows and Office sales.据路透社(Reuters)援引中国反垄断监察机构负责人张茂(音译)的话称之为,他们猜测微软公司的Windows和Office软件销售信息过于半透明。Specifically, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce is concerned about the way basic functions like the Internet Explorer web browser and Windows Media Player are bundled with products like the Office suite.明确而言,国家工商行政管理总局注目的是IE浏览器和Windows媒体播放器这些基本功能与Office办公软件的绑方式。Microsoft’s three-year battle with the Department of Justice over similar issues, which ended in the company being forced to share its programming interfaces with other companies, had been a landmark in the history of the internet, breaking Microsoft’s hold over the browser market and much else besides.此前微软公司曾就类似于问题与美国司法部僵持约3年之久,结果微软公司不得不与其他公司分享编程模块,这场僵持可谓互联网历史上的里程碑,超越了微软公司对浏览器市场以及其他方面的独占。


Although it avoided being fined in the U.S. , it had to pay over $1.5 billion to settle similar charges in the E.U. three years later.虽然微软公司在美国防止了罚款,但三年后,微软公司为解决问题在欧盟遭的类似于指控缴纳了多达15亿美元。The antitrust probe is one of a flurry against international companies operating in China recently, which has fostered suspicions of a generalized attempt by the authorities to squeeze the profits they generate there. Chinese media argue that foreign companies have been guilty of price-fixing and other tactics of milking the world’s second-largest economy as much as they can.对微软公司的反垄断调查是近期针对在中国经营的外资企业所积极开展的一系列调查之一。有人猜测,中国当局企图通过这一系列调查传输外资企业在中国取得的利润。中国媒体上有言论称之为,仍然以来,外国企业通过操控价格和其他手段尽其所能地从世界第二大经济体榨取利润。

However, by targeting an issue that already has precedents in the west, the authorities have arguably made it more difficult to argue that the case is politically-motivated.然而,中国当局所针对的这个问题在西方有数先例,因此很难说这样的调查是出于政治动机。Zhang said the investigation “is presently ongoing and we will disclose the results to the public in a timely fashion,” according to Reuters. He said the company had promised to cooperate actively with the investigation.据路透社报导,张茂回应该调查“目前正在展开之中,我们将及时向公众透露有关结果”。他回应,微软公司已允诺将大力因应调查。


China has already ratcheted up the pressure on Microsoft by banning state procurement of its new Windows 8 operating system, citing security issues.此前,中国政府以安全性考虑到为由,禁令订购新的Windows8操作系统,此举已让微软公司倍感压力。。