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LBET体育|Connecting Wuhan city of Central Chinas Hubei province and Hefei city of East Chinas Anhui province, a world-leading quantum communication line was officially put into service last Tuesday.相连中国中部湖北省武汉市和中国东部安徽省合肥市的一条世界领先的量子通信线路,于上周二月投放运营。The Wuhan-Hefei trunk line is a major part of Chinas quantum communication network, designed to secure the information exchange in central China.武汉-合肥干线是中国量子通信网络的最重要组成部分,目的保证华中地区的信息互相交换安全性。Thanks to the technology, users from the military, government, finance, and electricity sectors are able to send messages in a way that ensures only they and their intended audience can read them.归功于这项技术,来自军队、政府、金融和电力部门的用户需要发送信息,保证只有他们和他们的目标受众需要读者这些信息。



The network, in comparison to traditional communication technologies, features ultra-high security and is able to ward off hackers by using quantum photons.与传统通信技术比起,该网络具备超高的安全性,并能利用量子光子抵挡黑客。China has made trLBET体育emendous efforts in developing quantum technology over the years.多年来,中国为发展量子技术做出了极大的希望。In 2010, the first large-scale quantum communication test network in China began construction and started operation two years later.2010年,中国第一个大规模量子通信测试网络开始建设,并于两年后投放运营。In September 2017, the Chinese Academy of Sciences announced that the worlds first quantum-encrypted network was ready for use, which connects Beijing and Shanghai, reaching further to Mozi satellite out in space. The total bandwidth of the ground network is about 20 kilobits per second.2017年9月,中国科学院宣告世界上第一个量子加密网络将要投入使用,该网络连接北京和上海,更进一步伸延到太空中的墨子卫星。


地面网络的总带宽大约为每秒20千比特。One month later, the worlds first quantum communication trunk line opened in China. Named Shanghai-Hangzhou Quantum Communication Commercial Trunk Line (or Shanghai-Hangzhou trunk line), the 260-kilometer-long connection links Shanghai Municipality and the eastern city of Hangzhou, with a price tag of nearly 25 million US dollars.一个月后,世界上第一条量子通信中继线在中国通车。